By Air

The fastest and most convenient option is to take a direct flight from Manila (MNL) to Tablas (TBH) Airport, which takes approximately 1 hour with Air Swift trough their website We are delighted to offer you a seamless and comfortable journey. Upon your arrival at Tablas Airport, our dedicated team will greet you and provide a private van transportation to San Augustin Pier, a scenic 30-minute drive. From there, you will embark on a private boat that will transport you directly our exquisite resort on Alad Island (Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort). The ferry ride itself is a pleasant 45 to 60 minutes, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

To ensure your utmost convenience, we offer this premium transport service for a fee of 9,500 PHP per one-way trip, with private van and a private boat accommodating up to 20 passengers. In case of favorable weather conditions, we can also arrange a smaller boat for up to 4 passengers, with a service charge of 5,500 PHP, which includes airport pickup. For a medium boat with a capacity of 8 persons at the cost of 7,500 PHP including a private van for airport pick up.

As a friendly suggestion, should you encounter fellow travelers at the airport who are heading to the same destination, feel free to consider sharing your private transport. You can easily discuss and agree upon a fair contribution among yourselves. We kindly request that the boat crew and travel operator remain uninvolved in any pricing or payment arrangements.

It is important to ensure that all parties sharing the transport have the same destination to avoid any inconvenience.

We look forward to providing you with a fast, convenient, and delightful travel experience, enabling you to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of this enchanting destination.

Additionally, please be aware that porter and luggage services are not included in the transport arrangement. However, local porters are available to assist you at a customary rate ranging from 20 to 50 PHP per piece of luggage. Engaging their services not only benefits you but also supports the livelihood of local families.


By Sea

Fast & Convenient: We are pleased to offer you a hassle-free and expedient travel arrangement. To begin your journey, our team will arrange a private van pick-up directly from your hotel or from the airport itself. If you choose the airport pick-up, kindly proceed to the designated meeting point at NAIA Terminal 3 near Burger King. After passing customs clearance, head towards the exit and keep to the right. The private van service is available at a charge of 4,500 PHP for a one-way trip to Batangas Pier.

For your ferry transportation to Romblon/Romblon, we highly recommend the Starlite Ferries as they provide the most convenient service. You can easily book your ferry tickets directly through their website at The ferry departs at 4:00 pm and is expected to arrive around 1:00 am the following day. Please take into consideration that if you have booked a room for the same day, check-in may only be possible at 2:00 pm, depending on occupancy. To ensure an early check-in, we suggest booking the room for the day before your arrival. If weather condition isn’t good you may book your room in the town until 10 am and we will arrange the pick up once you check out.

For booking the Starlite Ferries, we recommend reserving a cabin for 4 through the provided link. Cabin for 3 cannot be booked online, but we can assist you by checking with our agent. If available, we can purchase the ticket on your behalf and send it to you via email. For this service, a service fee of 500 PHP will apply.

Another delightful option for your travel from Manila is to embark on a scenic journey via a private van or bus that will take you directly to Dalahican Port of Lucena. From there, you will board the Starhorse Ferries, which will transport you to the captivating destination of Romblon, Romblon. The ferry departs at 4:00 pm, offering you the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque views along the way, and arrives at Romblon port at 6:00 am.

Upon your arrival, we kindly inform you that the hotel check-in time is at 2:00 pm. However, we are more than happy to assist you with an early check-in at the resort, depending on availability. We understand that your comfort and convenience are of utmost importance, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Regarding transport services to the Alad Island Resort, Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort, we offer complimentary transport to the island for guests staying for more than 3 nights. For shorter stays, private transport options are available at the following rates: local small Banka (boat) for up to 2 passengers at 400 PHP one way, local medium-sized Banka for up to 6 passengers at 1000 PHP one way.

We hope that these convenient arrangements will enhance your travel experience and provide you with a seamless journey to your desired destination. We look forward to providing you with a memorable and enjoyable experience during your stay.