Macro Photography

Attention underwater photography enthusiasts! At Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort, we understand the passion and dedication of macro photographers and super macro photographers. That’s why we offer special tours tailored specifically to cater to your needs. Our experienced Divemasters possess an exceptional knack for uncovering a wide selection of critters, including numerous rare and elusive species. Dive into the depths with confidence, knowing that we will go above and beyond to fulfill your critter wish list. 


Join us at Sunset Cove Beach & Dive Resort, where your underwater dreams become a reality. Unleash your creativity and capture the extraordinary beauty of Romblon’s marine life through your lens. Dive with us, and let us elevate your underwater photography journey to new heights. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime, as you explore the depths of Romblon in search of wonders waiting to be discovered.